Life Lessons 101 - Memories

Expecto Patronum

I always wondered what leads to those lifelong friendships ? The answer seems to lie in memories. The foundation for any good friendship/relationship is built by memories shared between people. The memory can be a fun one or a boring one, but spending time and making that memory is vital. A boring memory is better than no memory at all. Those shared memories create the bond and more memories leads to a stronger bond. [Read More]

Bootstrapping CentOS rootfs for use with chroots/containers

We will see how to generate a rootfs tarball for redhat based system. Since we are targetting redhat based system, I am going to use debian based system (Ubuntu 17.10 64-bit - latest at the time of writing this post) as my host. We will generate rootfs tarball for CentOS 7 64-bit.å The below mentioned steps are validated on Ubuntu 17.10 desktop installation. Lets get started As usual the first step, install the required dependecy packages which in our case is yum. [Read More]

Bootstrapping a debian rootfs for use with chroots/containers

The aim this time is to setup a base rootfs for Ubuntu/Debian distro which can be used for setting up a chroot jail or to create a docker container base image. This blog is based on a earlier blog which I have written but forgot to publish around June, 2012. The below mentioned steps are validated on Fedora 25 Workstation installation. For setting up a debian based rootfs we need a tool called debootstrap. [Read More]